About the system

Knowledge Relative Assessment System using Bekker's method was designed for you to be able to relatively compare your knowledge in various fields with other system users. In developing the system was agreed three main objectives that had limited previous use of other test systems and reduces the pleasure of users from their use.

  1. Distribution of the assessing process in time

    You do not need to look at the stopwatch, answering questions. You can answer questions all the free time, interrupting the testing process, whenever you want, and resume it again. People do it at lunchtime, bedtime, or while travelling.

  2. Compare the knowledge of people who know better than the test's authors

    You certainly do not just have to deal with relatively simple tests, and it appeared that the level of your knowledge, the results of testing coincided with the level of knowledge of people who know a lot less than you. The main reason for this is likely to be too simple quiz. Perhaps because even it drafters knew less than you. Now you can show that you know on the topic of test better, simple ask your question. The complexity of your question will be quickly assessed and added to your rating. But that's not all. Now if you met the question in the statement that you have found a mistake, you also increase your ranking with respect to those responsible for it up to you and this error is not noticed. That is the appeal to the wording of questions and answers of tests is now even stronger effect on your rating than ever before and you will no longer be annoyed that you find a mistake, and your score worse than those who did not see .

  3. Use any reference materials

    In this system, during the testing process you can use any reference materials, and suggest to each other correct answers. Surely, you do not always like it when starting the test you took away reference materials, mobile phones, forbidden to talk with other members of the tests. Now this is not necessary. This system is designed so that it will assess direct your knowledge.

Use the system for free

Our system is used worldwide to work and study thousands people. We are very pleased that you can use of a remarkable system of testing to compare the level of their knowledge, meet interesting people from knowing or even find new and interesting work for free, and we will make every effort to keep this opportunity for you. Help us to keep it free on http://www.15-51.org

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Topics Examples

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## TopicID Caption Rating (topic's difficulty) Popularity
1 tID:294-520-963 Information Technologies Marketing Disaster 14 2768
2 tID:168-906-743 Plant Pathology.Bacteriology 373 8500
3 tID:539-526-756 Plant Pathology. Nematology 286 4832
4 tID:750-297-186 Plant Pathology. Mycology 5343 59666
5 tID:132-907-647 History of The Beatles 32 2489

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